Sitework & Excavation

Although fully active since 1988, the heavy equipment division of Kel-Greg has become a respected and robust portion of the business. Focusing on both civil and residential services, Kel-Greg has become a dominant provider for sitework, construction and excavation services for home owners, private enterprise and government. Although sharing similar traits and demands, the civil and residential sides of the business are quite unique and distinct in the services required. We are proud to have developed both the experience and the appropriate resources on hand to meet the demands of both unique environments.

In order to best match our experience and equipment to your project, please choose from either our Civil or Residential Sitework & Excavation services:




If you are familiar with the scope of the project you are considering, review our equipment list to assist with your planning. We are happy to discuss your plans and the scope of work whenever convenient. Contact us to take the next step.

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